LT Bitcoin Chronicles – An Introduction to Leverage Trading Bitcoin to Make Money in Minutes


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Welcome to the LT BItcoin Chronicles – An introduction to Leverage Trading Bitcoin to make money in minutes.

Leverage Trading Bitcoin Outline

By the end of this post, you’ll learn:

  • What Leverage Trading Bitcoin is.
  • Why you should be leverage trading Bitcoin
  • How it works.
  • The pros and cons of Leverage Trading compared to Day Trading.
  • My step-by-step trading formula layout, tips, warnings, and rules to remember.
  • How to buy Bitcoin quick and easy, and start trading in minutes from now, even if you’ve never purchased Bitcoin before. Start with as little as $1 if you like. 

Plus – Part of your success will be to stay well informed. So you can always re-visit this page to:

  • Study the formula (it’s a lot to remember).
  • Find and learn new and helpful info and strategies added to this page.

Why Should You Be Leverage Trading Your Bitcoin

Everything is changing. Your laptop, is now the new Wall Street. Holding some hyped-up Altcoin for weeks, months and in some cases even years in order to get rich, is a thing of the past. That’s not happening anymore. You should be taking advantage of Bitcoin’s volatility. I don’t care when Bitcoin crashes because I still continue to make even more money leverage trading Crypto/Bitcoin.

Wouldn’t you like know if you were going to  profit or not from Bitcoin in minutes from now? That’s what I love about leverage trading. No long waiting once I actually start trading. And there’s nothing in Crypto that compares to it.

Sure, it’s safer to just buy and hold your bitcoin/crypto if that’s all you know. But you have no control over the whole process of profiting from it. You’re waiting and hoping instead of earning. That’s the key difference

But in all actuality, if you just following this guide and my formula, you’ll see that leverage trading bitcoin/crypto the way I’ll teach it to you, can  be even safer than traditional trading. Therefore giving you that control I mentioned earlier.  Plus it’s the most rewarding and the fastest way to profit from crypto/bitcoin without question.

Quick Money

So you want to make quick money with your Crypto. But you’re probably just sitting around and waiting for the price to jump and then taking the profit as most day traders do. Well, Leverage Trading Bitcoin/Crypto is where all the action is.

-Elite Level-

Leverage Trading on Margex

We recommend using Ivacy as your VPN


First off,  you have to have the stomach for this because Leverage Trading is super risky. And you’ll need to become familiar with the charts. The charts are visual boards or graphs helping you determine when you’ll enter or exit a trade on the platform you’ll be trading on. We suggest trading on Margex; it’s the best trading platform for cryptocurrency, although the first training video below is on the Bitseven platform, which has ended, the basics are the same. Also, trading on Margex is much easier.

$100 in 3 minutes Training video –

The Bitseven Platform – no longer available

At first, I sat in front of my computer for days to understand how the charts were changing. I needed to know what made this thing tick. So then I started spending a lot of money testing different methods and strategies. And now I have a system that I follow that works for me. Now, this is not investment advice. I’m merely showing what works for me. And I’ll show you my formula in detail as we go along, I promise. But first, here is a little about the history of the beast you’ll be trying to tame, Bitcoin Leverage-Trading.

We’ve been using a new Leverage Trading platform called Margex, and it’s even better than BitSeven. You can quickly take the basics you’ve learned from the BitSeven tutorial above ⤴ and apply them to Margex. And you can start with as little as $1.

Dark mode leverage trading bitcoin on Margex
Trading on Margex is super addictive.


Short Margex demo vid 1

A Couple Of My Trades On Margex

$385 profit leverage trading bitcoin on Margex
Decent profit on this one, considering the time I was actually in the trade.

Quick trade on MargexQuick trade on Margex
In and out trade. Small profit, but done fast.

How It All Works

Leverage Trading Bitcoin allows you to utilize a platform’s available market capital to make trades; in other words, you’ll be trading with other people’s money added to your own to bring in a higher profit.

So you either trade up (known as “going long“), or you trade down (known as “going short” or “shorting the trade“). Easy stuff here, right? Well, that’s the only mention of it being “easy” you’ll hear from me moving forward. Everything else is super-intense.

It’s crucial to understand how Leverage Trading works before entering this market. Unlike the stock market, Cryptocurrencies are not traded on a central exchange. It functions through a technology called the Blockchain.

And it’s a herd mentality that affects the bids and prices, making Bitcoin and other Crypto prices move in erratic patterns. And so sometimes you’ll hear the term Bull-Run, which is when the Bitcoin/Crypto price either has or is predicted to skyrocket up (a.k.a, The pump). And you’ll also hear the phrase Bear-Run, which is when the Bitcoin/Crypto price either has or is predicted to shoot down (a.k.a, The dump or crash). And it can happen instantly and at any time while you’re trading. So always be mindful of this and practice trading with only small amounts first.

5 Rules To Remember

  • Never go into a trade with 100% of your wallet/account balance

    This is probably the worst mistake you could ever make while trading. You can be in the profit, and in less than a second, the direction could change and possibly liquidate you (lose all the money you put into the trade). However, it’s also possible that the same volatility can happen to go in your direction, and you could return a massive profit from going all in. But I wouldn’t recommend you do that. And I strongly suggest that you don’t. It’s simply not worth the risk. Trust me, I know.

    In Leverage, it doesn’t take a lot to get over-confident and cocky when you’re winning 98% of your trades. My point is that even when you start seeing consistent success, please understand… that’s the moment when you’re at risk the most. You start getting comfortable and begin to lower your guard a bit.

    You should only enter trades with no more than 5% of your wallet when just starting. So if you have $1000 worth of Crypto in your account, you should only make $50 trades. Or if you’ve got $2000 in the wallet, make $100 trades. And as you become a better Leverage Trader, you can increase trade amount. But if you want consistency, never put more than 20-25% of your wallet into a trade.

  • Never trade out of FOMO (fear of missing out)

    Jumping into a trade late is not what you want to do. Your trade entry positioning is everything. Entering late and trying to profit from the ongoing push that Bitcoin is making is a rookie mistake that can cost you. It’s safer just to let it go and accept that you’ve missed this one. They’ll be others, trust me. What goes up must come down and vice-versa. So wait, no matter how long it takes. You’ll be better off.

    Three outcomes can happen if you don’t wait:

    You may get lucky and win the trade with a slight or significant profit. (It happens)

    The Bitcoin price direction will change, eventually forcing you to stop the trade while you’re heavily negative or get Liquidated. (Likely)

    The Bitcoin price will beam (rapidly move) against you in the other direction, Liquidating you almost instantly without giving you a chance to stop the trade. (Likely)

    The point that I’m trying to make here is that you need to have a lot of patience to enter a trade successfully. Don’t be forced into one out of FOMO. It would be best if you built up a super-power of patience. And that’s easier said than done, but it’s something that you have to be mindful of trade-by-trade.

  • No greediness

    You’ll probably get over-confident or just plain out cocky when you reach a point where you almost always win all of your trades. It happened to me. But that’s destructive. It’s even worse when you’re just starting, having some early success, and then getting cocky. So if and when you’re doing well in a trade, don’t stay in it for too long. Take the profit whenever possible. It’s better to get a smaller profit than you would have wanted than lose the trade completely because you wanted to make as much as possible. Remember, Bitcoin’s direction can change on you in less than a second sometimes.

    The fact of the matter is that Bitcoin does what it wants when it wants. Anyone who can consistently predict what Bitcoin will do is either lying to you or completely delusional. We’re doing, and what I teach is how to capitalize on what Bitcoin is doing in real-time. In and out quickly. But you’ll learn more on that later when I unveil my formula, so keep reading.

  • No emotions – 

    I can’t stress this point enough…never put any amount in a trade that you’re not willing to lose. The road to becoming successful consistently in Leverage Trading is never trading with any amount that makes you uncomfortable. You have to not care about the trade to learn from your mistakes. Even when you finally become a pro, if you’re nervous while in a trade, then you’re trading with too much.

  • Please read and understand the Terms Of Service on Margex (located near the bottom of their homepage) – 

    Before you get started trading on Margex, you’ll want to read their Terms Of Service. If you live in the U.S., they’ll shut your account down in a heartbeat. Sure, they’ll give you a couple of days to withdraw your money, but after that, your account will be blocked. I’ve heard (LOL) that you can get around that issue if you use a VPN. But please, be safe and read their terms to find out if your country can trade on Margex. Within their terms, it lists the countries that are not allowed.

The Formula

You might be reading this guide-post while I’m still in the process of writing it and saying, “Well, where’s the formula?” My apologies, It’s been a while since I started this guide because I’ve been swamped and, quite frankly, just plain old procrastination. But please don’t be upset, it will get done soon. Just check back here every day if you can. I’ll be giving you a lot of information, and trust me, it will be well worth the wait. Think of, and use this page as your Bitcoin Leverage Trading live journal. There will also be an “Updates” section that will be dated and updated regularly with different strategies, Bitcoin news, and more. So stay tuned. And thanks for reading this. Now here’s my formula:

(Step 1) Always Remember This –

Having lots of money to trade with only benefits you if you have the patience enough to only trade with 5% or less of your total wallet balance at all times. This patience is tough to maintain as you start winning consecutive trades. But being disciplined in this way helps you mature as a leverage trader. And it also allows you to be able to hang around long enough to profit consistently.

And no, you don’t need to have a lot of money to trade with to become successful at leverage trading. Again, as long as you have the patience enough to only trade with 5% or less of your total wallet balance at all times, you’ll succeed. It just takes longer for you to profit with smaller amounts significantly. However, I highly recommend starting out trading with smaller amounts first. Trading with smaller amounts allows you to get plenty of practice and a better feel for leverage trading bitcoin.

So whether you’ve got a little or a lot to trade with, if you don’t have, or even attempt to build up some sort of patience, plus apply the 5% or less rule, you won’t last.

(Step 2) The Game Plan –

You’ll need to know and understand what we’ll be doing here. What this formula’s structure is, and why it works so well for me. We’ll be doing what’s sometimes called “trading on the one-minute chart.” And for me, it’s a quick in and out situation, trading-wise. It’s knowing when to enter and exit a trade based on the one-minute chart’s actions. We’ll also be looking at the other charts, but the one-minute chart will ultimately determine what we’ll do. Remember I mentioned what the charts were early-on in this guide. Go back to it if you need to. 

(Step 3) The Chart – 

The chart on Margex is not the chart we will be primarily using to enter and exit trades. You can if you want to, but that’s not what works for me. I use another platform called Bitmex to read and watch the charts. Now, I don’t trade on Bitmex. I only use their charts. You can use Bitmex charts for free. No need to sign up. But all the trading is done on Margex. So to clarify it once more, we’re studying the Bitmex charts and then entering a trade on Margex. So you’ll need to make sure that what you see happening on the Bitmex chart is also happening on the Margex chart. You’ll be switching browser tabs between the two platforms constantly as your trading. Or you can use two different monitors. It doesn’t matter. Either way will get the job done.  

Switching between Margex and Bitmex – (no audio)

Margex is the best for trading. However, my system uses the charts on Bitmex to determine when to get in and out of trades. Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to start a trade based on what you see happening on Bitmex, then you quickly start the trade on Margex. 

Here’s an example of what entering and exiting a trade on Margex based on the Bitmex chart values might look like:

Entering and exiting a trade on Margex (no audio/hyper speed)

So now you’ll need to learn how to read the charts to understand what we’re looking for. There are multiple time frames that you can view on the chart. But we’ll be paying close attention to the 3-minute, 1-hour, 4-hour, 6-hour, 1-day, and most importantly to my formula, the oh-so-intense 1-minute chart.

So using the Bitmex chart, we’ll be looking for what’s called “Clear Direction.” When you start Leverage Trading Bitcoin based on the 1-minute chart, you’ll notice that Bitcoin has a time when the price is steadily going up. And there’s also a time when it’s steadily going down. Whichever direction Bitcoin happens to be moving steadily in at that time, is what Clear Direction is.

So now that you know what Clear Direction is, it’s time to find it using the charts. So head over to Bitmex and favorite the 1-minute, 3-minute, 1-hour, 4-hour, 6-hour, and 1-day charts. I’ll show how to do this and also how to set it up in the exact way that I use it in the video below:

Finding Clear Direction with Bitmex

What I do here is pretty simple. I wait until the one-hour is following the direction of the six-hour charts. Then I patiently watch the one-minute chart while waiting for a gradual and steady decrease in bar sizes. And that decrease will ultimately have to be transitioning into the same direction as the one and six-hour charts. But beware that at any time, Clear Direction can and will change and go against the direction of one minute and day charts. So you have to be cautious and most of all, patient. Even if you’re doing everything right, you can be following clear direction and still lose the trade. There are no guarantees here. But the key here is to follow the clear direction of the one minute and the day chart at the right time.

So if the clear direction is down, then wait until the price is somewhere at the highest point of the Margex chart, and then you trade down. Or, if clear direction is up, then you wait until the price is somewhere at the lowest point of the Margex chart, and then you trade up.

Ideal entry positioning for Trading Down
Ideal entry positioning for Trading Up

(Formula works on a laptop, desktop, or big tablets only – it’s not meant for smartphone trading).

To have consistent success in leverage trading; you sometimes may have to wait hours and sometimes even bypass some opportunities to enter into a trade, in order to position yourself in the best possible way so you can profit.

Again, please understand that nothing is definite, and Bitcoin can and will go against Clear Direction throughout the day. Remember, Bitcoin does what it wants when it wants. Bitcoin hasn’t gotten to its current price by just staying still or being predictable. It moves. But there are ways to handle your trading if Bitcoin decides to change or reverse its Clear Direction on you.

(Step 4)

(Step 5)

(Step 6)

(Step 7)

Where To Go

  • Join Margex
    Start Trading in minutes. Easy to use with excellent support staff. $1 Minimum deposit. Withdraw funds daily.
  • Buy Crypto from Coinbase
    You can purchase a variety of Cryptocurrencies here, but registration can be lengthy.
  • Buy Bitcoin from Cashapp
    Fast and easy to buy Bitcoin on a safe and secure platform.
  • Get  your VPN from Ivacy
    One month plan is currently $9.95 a month.
  • Donations are appreciated – 
    You can send your donations to our bitcoin address by scanning the QR CODE below, thanks: 


Everything seen in our videos or on this website is based only on our opinions and commentary. We are not financial advisors. All decisions are your own.

Please be careful if you decide to try this. and the InfoSearched youtube channel are not responsible for any monetary losses that you may incur; nor are this video or the contents/description intended to be investment advice.

The risks of loss from investing in Cryptocurrencies can be substantial, and your investments’ value may fluctuate. Cryptocurrencies are complex and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to Leverage. So you should consider whether you understand how leverage trading bitcoin works and if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. InfoSearched is not licensed to conduct investment business or digital asset business.


How can this post assist traders in making informed decisions and maximizing profits?

The world of Bitcoin trading has revolutionized the way traditional finance used to work. The global crypto market has seen rapid growth over the past few years, attracting investors from all corners of the world. To leverage trading Bitcoin, one must have an analytical mind, a bit of courage, and knowledge of the crypto market.

Leverage trading is the practice of borrowing capital to increase the potential return on investment. Leverage trading in Bitcoin allows traders to take advantage of the price fluctuations in the market by empowering them to buy, sell or hold positions with a much larger value than their initial deposit.

LT Bitcoin Chronicles is a popular platform that enables users to operate leverage trading Bitcoin with a user-friendly interface. This platform is popular for its simplicity in operation and the vast knowledge base that empowers traders to make smart decisions based on facts and figures.

The first step towards leverage trading on LT Bitcoin Chronicles is to create an account on the platform, which offers a sign-up bonus of $500. Once the account is created, traders can deposit funds into their wallets using various payment methods, such as bank transfers or debit/credit cards, to start trading.

LT Bitcoin Chronicles offers various trading tools to facilitate leverage trading. One of these tools is known as the stop-loss order; it allows traders to put a limit on their losses by automatically closing the trade when the price of Bitcoin reaches a specific point, thus limiting their losses.

Another tool provided is the take-profit order; traders use this tool to maximize their profits by automatically closing a trade once the price hits a predetermined point, enabling the trader to capitalize on the fluctuating market.

These tools, coupled with the vast array of data provided by LT Bitcoin Chronicles, can help traders make informed decisions, minimizing losses, and maximizing profits. The platform also offers a demo account, which provides real-time trading simulations, allowing traders to test their strategies before risking real funds.


The rise of Bitcoin has opened avenues for investors to earn high returns by trading in the cryptocurrency market. Leverage trading in Bitcoin is a viable method for experienced traders to enhance their profits by placing trades with borrowed capital. Platforms like LT Bitcoin Chronicles have simplified the process of leveraging trading by providing users with useful tools, knowledgeable trading advice, and real-time simulations. Though the crypto market is highly volatile, traders willing to take calculated risks may be rewarded with significant gains.

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