If You Can Hold on for 100 Seconds, You’ll Earn $100. The Most Creative Advertising Campaigns


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You have to admit, nowadays, regular ads don’t surprise anyone anymore.

Moreover, ads bother us and we skip them in videos, block them on social media and on the phone. Rarely can you come across a PR campaign really worthy of your attention. Therefore, brands are increasingly investing in creative ideas. Not in vain, advertising creators hold annual international awards, just like in the film industry. Today we are gonna tell you about the most viral, unusual and inventive PR campaigns!

What other innovative campaigns have resonated with consumers, and what do they teach us about the power of creativity in marketing?

In the world of marketing, creativity is key. Companies constantly strive to make a lasting impression on consumers and stand out from the competition. One campaign that caught the attention of many was the “If You Can Hold on for 100 Seconds, You’ll Earn $100” activation. This creative campaign offered participants the chance to win money by simply enduring a challenge for a short amount of time.

The activation involved contestants standing with their hand on a touchscreen for 100 seconds. If they were able to hold on for the duration, they were rewarded with $100. This simple but effective campaign not only generated buzz but also resonated with consumers who were looking for ways to earn extra cash.

The campaign was executed by several brands including Pepsi, KitKat, and Coca-Cola. Each company put their own spin on the challenge, using it to showcase their product or brand message. For instance, Pepsi’s campaign featured a giant touchscreen in the shape of a Pepsi can, while KitKat offered contestants the chance to win a break from their everyday routine.

The success of this campaign can be attributed to its simplicity and universality. The challenge was easy to understand, and anyone could participate regardless of age or gender. Furthermore, it was a fun and engaging way for brands to interact with consumers while also promoting their product.

This is not the only campaign that has left a lasting impression on consumers. The marketing world is full of creative and innovative campaigns that have captured the attention of the masses. For example, the “Share a Coke” campaign by Coca-Cola replaced their iconic logo with popular names and phrases, resulting in a surge of social media engagement.

Another memorable campaign is the “Dumb Ways to Die” by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia. The video game-style public service announcement featured cute characters succumbing to various forms of stupidity, emphasizing the importance of safety around trains in a lighthearted manner.

In conclusion, creativity is a crucial element in successful advertising campaigns. It can be seen in the “If You Can Hold on for 100 Seconds, You’ll Earn $100” activation, as well as other campaigns like “Share a Coke” and “Dumb Ways to Die.” These campaigns were successful in resonating with consumers and leaving a lasting impression, showcasing the power of creativity in marketing.

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