Why I left my $200k job as a Software Developer


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Why I quit my $200k+ job as a software developer, and what I’m working on now.

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What factors led you to realize that your high-paying job as a software developer did not align with your personal and professional values?

As a software developer, I always thought that a high-paying job would be the ultimate goal for me. However, after working in the industry for several years and earning a salary of $200k, I realized that there were more important things in life than just money. That’s why I took the difficult decision of quitting my job and focusing on my personal and professional growth.

The primary reason why I left my job was that it did not align with my values and career aspirations. While I enjoyed the technical challenges of my work, I felt that my contributions didn’t have a meaningful impact on society. I wanted to work on projects that would make a positive difference in people’s lives and help me grow as a professional.

Another reason why I left my job was that I wasn’t happy with the work culture. I felt that the company’s focus was solely on maximizing profits and not on providing a healthy work environment for its employees. The long hours, intense deadlines, and lack of work-life balance made me feel burned out and unfulfilled.

Additionally, I realized that I had become too comfortable in my role and wasn’t learning as much as I wanted to. I felt that my growth had stagnated, and I needed new challenges to push myself out of my comfort zone. It dawned on me that I needed to take charge of my career and explore new opportunities that would challenge me and help me grow.

Ultimately, I decided to leave my job and pursue a career that would align with my values, aspirations, and desire for personal and professional growth. It was a difficult decision to make, but one that I am proud of. Since then, I have been working on meaningful projects and contributing to society while learning new skills and growing as a professional.

In conclusion, leaving my $200k job as a software developer was a challenging decision, but one that has led me on a path towards personal fulfillment and professional growth. I realized that money alone cannot bring happiness and that aligning my values and aspirations with my career was more important than just earning a high salary. It took courage to make the switch, but I am grateful for the journey and the new opportunities that have come my way.

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